A new home for the 16 macaques of the university of Modena

The 16 macaques of the University of Modena now have a new home. In compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding that enshrines the end of testing on non-human primates, the University of Modena and the city’s municipality have entrusted the animals to LAV, which has been chosen by the technical Commission and the association of veterinarians after having presented the best proposal for the care and welfare of the macaques. 

LAV, an NGO recognized both by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Environment, relies on the financial support of its members and supporters and is able to meet the animals’ everyday needs and requirements  for the rest of their lives, together with the Recovery Centre for wild and exotic animals of Semproniano in the Maremma region. 

The Recovery Centre offers two new facilities especially designed to accommodate the macaques, an in-house veterinarian and two primatologists as well as everything the animals may need to regain their socializing skills, the ability to feed themselves with fruit and vegetables, warm themselves and play in natural sunlight.

During the first few weeks, it is paramount that the animals adapt gradually to their new surroundings so that they feel safe.

The Recovery Centre for wild and exotic animals of Semproniano has been rescuing indigenous wild animals for 20 years. It has been a reference centre for the Ministry of the Environment for the care and rescuing of wild animals and collaborated with the State Forestry Corps in rescuing and caring for seized animals.