ALABAMA Muse joins LAV's Animal-Free Fashion

ALABAMA Muse, one of the most emblematic brands in the world of high quality faux fur and one of the leading brands of the recent Milan Fashion Week, joins LAV’s Animal Free Fashion certification to confirm its animal-friendly styling choice that has characterized the brand since its foundation in 2019.

Internationally renowned designer Alice Gentilucci, creates luxury furs with ingenuity and respect for animals, strengthening the Made in Italy industry. In fact, fur production is entrusted to the Olmar&Mirta group based in Quistello, Mantua.

“LAV applauds Alice Gentilucci for her commitment to being the direct protagonist of a sustainable, ethical and therefore animal-friendly fashion. Animal-based production is one of the priority factors that global fashion companies look at from a perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility to reduce the environmental impact deriving from the different chains of exploitation of animals, as well as respecting the increasing care of consumers and new generations, in particular towards animal rights”, says Simone Pavesi, Head of LAV Animal Free Fashion Area.

“Dressing responsibly and sustainably without using products of animal origin was the founding principle of Alabama Muse. It is now certified by LAV, as a reward to the ethical approach that has guided its whole production. A natural and compelling landing that fits into the clear moral, sustainable and naturally aesthetic values that are the basis of the fashion of the future, which will be more beautiful also thanks to its use of innovative materials and, of course, animal-free choices”, states Alice Gentilucci, founder of Alabama Muse.

Animal Free Fashion is the campaign launched by LAV in 2015 to promote an ethical and sustainable fashion industry, respectful of all animals. By accompanying companies in a process of gradual elimination of animal materials from their collections, LAV enhances their commitment with the Animal-Free rating: four assessment targets assigned based on the types of animal materials discarded (V=fur; VV= fur, feathers; VVV= fur, feathers, leather; VVV+= fur, feathers, leather, yarns). Animal Free Fashion aims to encourage global fashion companies towards ethical goals compatible with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (12, 13, 14, 15).

ALABAMA Muse is positioned at the second best level of the animal-free rating (VVV), not using animal furs, feathers, leather, and some yarns such as angora wool. ALABAMA Muse’s garments are completely free of animal materials; therefore, they can use LAV’s Animal-Free label.

ALABAMA Muse fur is made with modacrylic “KP” fibre produced by Japanese company Kaneka, and Global Recycle Standard certified. Produced with the warp technique, this fibre offers a soft and fluid fall, especially for long fibres, with an effect that effectively replicates animal fur. Part of the new collection, instead, is made with 100% recycled and sustainable Polyester.