Animal Free Fashion, LAV launches its new project

Our innovative project Animal Free Fashion is an opportunity for Fashion to take advantage of the new web page with ethics ratings: (available in English, Chinese, Russian, Italian) in order to identify and endorse the responsible and sustainable "Animal Free" style characterized by commercial politics that respect the rights of animals and the environment, thus helping supply and demand to meet.

The characteristics of the Animal Free Fashion project, are:

  • First ethics rating (LAV) for endorsing “Animal Free” Fashion companies, divided into 4 levels: substitution of "animal fur" (Rating level: V); “down” (VV); “silk and leather” (VVV); “wool” (VVV+).
  • Animal Free Logo identifying the project, which all the companies (also those in intermediate steps) have the possibility of using free of charge, in order to communicate their ethical commitment.
  • Virtual showcase free of charge for promoting “Animal Free” products on the thematic international site