On Gorgona prison-island, we rescued the first 85 animals saved from slaughtering

With a striking field operation, we laid a new milestone in the relations between prisoners and animals, on the prison-island of Gorgona, in Tuscany.

After the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Municipality of Livorno and the Prison, last January, and the forced break imposed by the health emergency due to Covid-19, the project "Gorgona, island of human and animal rights” finally becomes alive: 85 animals (10 sheep and 75 birds) have been transferred to the mainland on board of a special boat we used to transport them in maximum safety, with the assistance of a veterinarian and qualified staff. Saved from death by slaughter, they will live cared for and protected at our Rescue Center in Semproniano and in other shelters for rescued animals.

Thanks to this agreement, all the 588 animals living on the island are safe and none of them will be exploited or killed for livestock production, moreover, the slaughterhouse will be dismantled. But for the project to live - and for the animals to be looked after in the best way - it is necessary to reduce the number of those currently living in Gorgona, as a result of the reproduction activity encouraged for the purposes of food production.

With this first symbolic 'Ark of Liberty' sailed to the mainland, we have laid the foundation stone but there is still much to do!

We are happy to have taken responsibility for an essential part for the success of the project, which requires organizational commitment, economic resources, professional skills, and a great deal of passion, in order not to give up while facing all the difficulties of such a complex operation, that will be followed by other similar field operations, in the next few months.

We want to thank all the people who have allowed us to get here, and all those who will continue to support this animal liberation initiative, in the coming days and months.

To make the dream of “Gorgona, island of human and animal rights” come true, everyone is needed!

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