Our investigation on Corrida reveals: cruelty and public health hazard financed by CAP!

With a recent international video-investigation carried out by our investigative unit, we reveal new shocking background of bullfighting, unveiling public health hazard implied by these bloody shows, that incredibly receive European public funding! 
It’s unacceptable that corrida – a show that should be banned for obscenity and violence against the bulls, and that cannot be considered a tradition to be defended - is financed with public funds!

"Bullfighting is an unacceptable show, contested for years because it is contrary to ethics and the protection of animals, non-educational offered to children, even though 84% of young Spaniards disapprove of this show - Roberto Bennati, LAV General Manager says - Today more than ever, in the Covid-19 emergency, ignoring the health risks of arenas where the blood of these animals is sown, slaughtered on the spot in the same building and with dubious standards of health safety, it is an irresponsible act!”

Bullfighting benefits from European public subsidies despite the contrary will of the EU Parliament: at the end of October 2015, in fact, the European Parliament (with 438 yes, 199 no and 50 abstentions) approved an amendment to the 2016 budget which provides no use of “CAP funds (common agricultural policy) or any other European funding line to economically support bullfighting activities involving the death of the bull”.
CAP grants make up to 31,6% of the income for farms intended for bullfighting, without which they would be unlikely to ensure economic sustainability. These funds are managed and distributed by the autonomous communities.

At this crucial moment of review of the CAP, it is necessary to introduce a measure that provides for the interruption of public finding to farms that allocate their bulls for Bullfighting

  • 571 million euros: funds for bullfighting allocated by different Spanish authorities 
  • about 130 million euros: the subsidies allocated by the European Union to bullfighting, essentially through the CAP

How can the European Union finance this cruelty? It is time to say “no”: we urge the Commission and the EU Parliament to immediately stop subsidyzing Corrida with public funds (CAP) intended for agriculture and not for torture.

The unveiling, and broadcasting, of videos and information on the real situation of bullfights, fraudulent CAP public funds reception, and animal suffering documented by our Investigative Unit is carried out in collaboration with Animal Guardians and AVATMA Veterinary Association for the abolition of bullfighting and animal abuse - which we thank for completing and enriching this investigative work –– we hope that these images will help the Spanish associations to continue their battle of civilization against this unacceptable show made of suffering and cruelty on animals.