Italian Senate gives its first approval to include animal and environmental protection in the Constitution!

“It is a crucial vote that will enable our country to leap forward and finally recognize the protection of animals, the environment, ecosystems and biodiversity in the Basic Law of our country. It’s the outset of a historic change that must translate into concrete actions by the State, the production industry, and citizens”.

This is LAV's reaction to the first approval by the Senate to introduce some basic principles in Art. 9 of the Italian Constitution. The vote was held this morning at the Constitutional Affairs Committee and is consistent with the Treaty of the European Union that recognises animals as sentient beings. Follows the text approved: “((The Republic) protects the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems, also in the interest of future generations. State Law regulates the methods and forms of protection of animals”.

Now, thanks to rapporteur Maiorino, and first signatory De Petris, the vote in this House will soon be scheduled. The procedure grants the two branches of Parliament a period of one year for the two approvals each provided for in the same Constitution. In May 2022, Italy will finally be able to make the change LAV has been asking for since 1999, with the drafting and presentation of the first bill on the subject. The association had relaunched it in 2013, with a public initiative in the Senate ( in collaboration with legal and political figures.