A victory for LAV, thousands of cats and dogs are safe. Administrative Court rejects the appeal of the veterinary pharmaceutical industries

Veterinary practitioners will be able to save thousands of dogs and cats and continue to prescribe human medicines to dogs, cats and other animals also on the basis of the economic convenience of the buyer when they contain the same active ingredient. Such option is provided by Ministerial Decree of Minister of Health Speranza, in force since last 22nd May, implementing the Budget Law and supporting LAV #Curiamolitutti campaign (“Let’s treat them all”) for the recognition of fair costs in living with a pet.

"By taking action in court and defending the Decree - as the only leading association in the judicial process to confirm the validity of the Decree - we have beaten those veterinary pharmaceuticals worried about their turnover. We have guaranteed human medicines at fair prices and better access to treatment also for rescued and adopted pets. It also represents the acknowledgement of the right of low income people to continue living with a dog or a cat. - said Ilaria Innocenti, national coordinator of LAV-pets - This ruling is a starting point for the deconstruction and defeat of the belief that animals are luxury goods. Now, it will be clear for everyone, from the Government to Parliament, the need to extend the tax reform for a fair VAT on animal food and veterinary services, to increase the deductible share of veterinary expenses to curb invoicing avoidance, and, again on medicines, to reduce the cost of generic drugs and their dissemination and the possibility of blistering veterinary medicines".

The TAR ruling therefore rejected the position by Aisa-Federchimica and the industry that described an apocalyptic scenario of "serious risks to animal health", a "confusing, contradictory and illogical" Decree, incredibly supported by Offices of the Ministry of Health that had considered the Decree of Minister Speranza "political and not technical".

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