Covid and rearing of minks: a scientific statement on public health risks

Scientific experts from all-above Europe, including Italian well-known scientists such as Andrea Crisanti, Fabrizio Pregliasco, Nicola Decaro, have joined a common appeal to the European Commission, asking to suspend - at least for 2021 - the intensive rearing of minks.

In Italy, the scientific statement is announced by LAV, as a member of Eurogroup for Animals and the Fur Free Alliance, which submitted the proposed paper to the Italian experts, obtaining their endorsement.

Given the consequences of the risks identified in the scientific statement, and the massive impact that the pandemic has had so far on human lives, jobs and the European economy, LAV together with Eurogroup for Animals and Fur Free Alliance urge the European Commission to take a precautionary approach in view of the extreme gravity of the pandemic, and to permanently ban mink farming across the EU.