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Dolphinarium Rimini: director and veterinarian guilty of animal abuse

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martedì 30 aprile 2019 00:00


Today the court of Rimini has judged the director and the veterinary of Rimini's dolphinarium as guilty of animal abuse. It's the first sentence of this kind in Italy and Europe. The case was started six years ago by LAV in order to save dolphins from a life completely contrary to their ethological prerogatives, and from specific forms of abuse and mistreatment. 

During the debate in the court, the absolute inappropriateness of the Rimini's dolphinarium was patently shown, casting a light of suspect on dolphinariums as such: as structures absolutely incompatible with dolphins' welfare, where animals do frequently undergo abnormal medicines' administration and are exposed to inappropriate contact with humans. It is furthermore important to notice that this is happening in a city whose economy is largely based on tourism… and the dolphinarium was one of the main attractions there.

Moreover, the court also ruled that the animals, from now and on, will be in custody of three Italian ministries; and that they cannot be sold. This is a real breakthrough in animals' rights defence, as this judgement affirms that an animal that's been abused needs permanent protection and cannot be sold, and eventually destined to new unsuitable life conditions.

At this link further informations can be read (in Italian): bit.ly/2ZIweE0