Fashion, ISPO Research survey: the future is "Animal Free"!

The future of fashion is “Animal Free”: it has been confirmed by the first opinion survey on an international level conducted by ISPO Research and commissioned by LAV.

The survey - involving 3,600 people in six EU countries - measured the tendency of the sample to buy "Animal Free" clothing items, that is, those without fur, down, leather, silk and wool, in the six European countries and shows a noteworthy ethical sensitivity on the part of the Italians and French: +81.1% is the inclination of both towards buying fashion products free of materials of animal origin, followed by the Germans (80%), Dutch (79.1%)Polish (78%) and British (72.5%).

“Fashion companies today have the great opportunity to orientate their commercial politics towards solutions that are ethically compatible, in which they can find the support of millions of consumers in the world who are already willing to buy Animal Free products”, Simone Pavesi, head of LAV Ethical Fashion, declares.

Animal Free Fashion is our new web page which offers innovative instruments to endorse companies committed to gradual disuse of animal products: open up to Animal Free companies!