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LAV in the front line to help animals in Sardinia fire emergency

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lunedì 26 luglio 2021 00:00


We have taken our emergency unit with our veterinary ambulance and a team of volunteers to the Oristano area of Sardinia to bring relief to the many animal victims of the serious environmental disaster caused by the recent fires.

The emergency unit is supported by volunteers from the LAV Centres in Cagliari and Sassari. LOCAUTO, in an established collaboration with LAV, will provide further support with 2 vans to transport animals in need in Sardinia.

“The information we are receiving from our staff on the field is worrying, and reports are dramatic. As in other emergencies, we are offering extensive experience in managing animals during disasters along with our vehicles, a veterinary ambulance and LOCAUTO vans” says Roberto Bennati, LAV’s general manager.

LAV’s emergency unit and its volunteers are operating in collaboration with institutions, law enforcement agencies and the various local authorities, providing:

  • assistance to family animals injured by and/or involved in fires;
  • transport of struggling or injured family animals to veterinary clinics;
  • assistance to wild animals injured by and/or involved in fires;
  • transport of wild animals that are injured or in distress to veterinary clinics or wildlife recovery centres
  • any other needs that may arise.

On the first week of activity in Sardinia, our Emergency Unit visited more than 70 animals, including a young sheep, some pigs, hens, and 3 burned donkeys. Many burned dogs and cats, also suffering from smoke inhalation, were taken to the veterinarian where they are receiving medical aid. Other dogs found wandering were reunited with their owners.

We have also adopted 10 dogs seriously injured by the fires and it will take care of finding them a family after they are healed.

In addition,we have visited several animal shelters to which it is providing food and medical aid and support for their animals and for reconstruction.

Our volunteers are still patrolling the area looking for animals - wild or pets - that survived the fires and need help.

We call on citizens and tourists in Sardinia: please report any situations of animals in need due to the fire emergency in Sardinia at 064461325 – info@lav.it.

To show your solidarity and help us save as many animal lives as possible


© Photo Credit Andrea Morabito