The new #FurFreeEurope campaign has started. Join the European Citizens' Initiative, vote now!

The ambitious new European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) begins today, Wednesday 18th May 2022, with the aim of introducing an EU ban on fur farming and fur trade!

"Today we have the opportunity to put an end to an anachronistic, cruel, unhealthy industry. Numerous Member States, including Italy recently, have already banned fur farms; the time has come to extend this ban to the whole of the European Union and, for consistency, to ban the fur trade and therefore also the import from third countries", says Simone Pavesi, Head of LAV - Animal Free Fashion Area and member of the Citizen Panel of the seven European citizens who submitted the Initiative to the EU Commission.

LAV is once again at the forefront against the fur industry: after we banned dog and cat fur, first in Italy (2002) and then in Europe (2009); after we banned seals fur, first in Italy (2006) then in Europe (2010); after we banned fur farming (in Italy from 2022), we are now aiming to extend this result to all the European Union as well.

The ECI #FurFreeEurope has been officially registered by the European Commission, which has therefore positively judged the validity of the legal basis of our application, and with which we are asking:

  • a ban on the farming of animals for fur production throughout Europe;
  • a ban on the fur trade.

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