Gorgona: we have returned to the Island with great news for the animals!

On Tuesday, 27th July, we returned to the prison island of Gorgona with a delegation of supporters to testify and report on our work in recent months, announcing important news for the project “Gorgona, island of human and animal rights”.

Today, all of the island’s animals have been saved and none of them will be exploited or killed for livestock production. But for the project to continue, and to take the best possible care of the animals, the number of those currently living in Gorgona must be reduced. We are committed to moving 450 animals to the mainland and finding them a home as soon as the Urgon motorboat resumes the essential operations for safe transports. 

During our visit to the island, we announced some important news:

  • in recent months, the island’s slaughterhouse and dairy were finally dismantled, further emphasising that no animal can be killed or exploited in Gorgona.  We managed to purchase the related machines following the public notice for the sale of discarded equipment, with an auction base of €21,400 for purchase, so that they are no longer used as an instrument of death and animal exploitation, in Gorgona or elsewhere.
  • Thanks to our contribution, supporting the food supply for animals on the island, the prison has been able to save resources, which it then allocated to host all the inmates in Gorgona for work in these last months. Therefore, our work also had a social impact on the prison population, and not only on animals.
  • In addition, we have applied to the District Prison to finance work projects for one or more inmates to be employed in animal care and in the activities carried out by the University with the inmates through the human-animal relationship. This activity will also allow some of them to acquire professional skills that can be used for labour placement at the end of their detention period.
  • Finally, we hope to be able to resume the operations of transfer of excess animals from the island as soon as possible. Such activity requires the resumption of operation of Prison Police motorboat Urgon, long under repair, now announced for next autumn. This will allow for their safe transfer to the new accommodations that the association is identifying for them.
For the dream that is finally reborn in Gorgona to become a reality, everyone is needed!

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