"Green Hill" found guilty of animal abuse and illegal killing of animals

January 23rd 2015 - The first instance judgment on the  “Green Hill case”, was finally issued by the Court of Brescia, sentencing the condemnation of Rondot, Executive Manager (1 year and 6 months), Bravi, Director of  “Green Hill 2001”(1 year and compensation expense) and Graziosi, in-house Veterinarian (1 year and 6 months) for cruelty to animals, animal abuse and killing of animals, occurred through several years in the Green Hill beagle breeding facility  for animal testing purposes, an Italian branch of the Marshall multinational company. The other Executive Manager, Bernad Gotti, was acquitted for not having committed the crime.

A major victory and an exemplary sentence, which represents a milestone for the legal protection of animal rights, even in those fields, such as breeding for animal testing or butchery, where - unfortunately - animals are still exploited for human purposes.

As a further demonstration of the willingness to take positive actions in response to the failings of vivisection, LAV will devolve the compensation for damages, that has been recognized to the Association as Civil Party in the Trial, to a research fund for alternatives to animal testing, which will be guaranteed by the presence of scientific personalities in the board and will be shared with the other Associations acknowledged in the trial