#SAVEKANGAROOS: Pro-Life will no longer use kangaroo meat in pet-food

Italy is the first European country to import kangaroo skins.But there are those who also use kangaroo meat for pet food.

This is the case for PRO-LIFE (Zodiaco) which, after a confrontation with LAV, informed us that from 2020 it will discontinue the production of kangaroo-based foods (currently they have 2 products in the catalog).

A positive news for the over 2 million kangaroos that are killed every year in Australia, even with bloody methods.

It is known that kangaroo meat (also intended for human consumption and, in Italy, offered by some restaurateurs) is also particularly unhealthy, because it is at risk of contamination, as we explain in our REPORTKangaroo meat is among the so-called "game meats”, in fact these animals are not bred specifically, but are hunted in the wild. The hunt for kangaroos takes place in remote areas of Australia without any objective possibility of control, both in terms of how the animals are killed, and how the carcasses are then processed for the production of meat for human and pet consumption. Investigations have documented unacceptable levels of bacterial contamination from Salmonella and Escherichia Coli in meat stored in “chillers”, refrigerated cells located in isolated areas of the continent to store kangaroo carcasses.

Kangaroo-based PRO-LIFE products will no longer be present in the company catalog and will no longer be distributed by the end of 2020, and will remain available on the market until stocks of individual retailers are exhausted.