The aim of this project is to promote valid relationship patterns for handling rescued animals, based on the specific and individual characteristics of each one. With the support of experts, LAV takes care of the logistic aspects of rescuing animals which have been subjected to cruelty and accompanying them on their way to emotional and physical recovery,  in order to offer them a second chance in life, providing them with adequate and comfortable shelter and, whenever possible, placing them with a new family.

Taking  in abandoned animals and animals confiscated from their owners on the grounds of proven acts of cruelty and finding them a new home in the hope for a better life hadn’t been our initial mission. And yet it has become one of our most recurring and demanding tasks,  following the success of our legal actions and the laws we have contributed to improving. Indeed, more and more often, we are granted custody of the animals whose legal defence we have taken.
Freeing tortured or cruelly treated animals calls for us to consider their future; the end of the torture and mistreatment for many of them represents the start of a new life of peace and caring affection.

With the help of experts, we find the animals a comfortable shelter and accompany them towards their emotional and physical recovery while offering them, whenever possible, a placement in natural surroundings or with a family. 

What we attempt to do every day is to offer a second chance to each animal that is saved, while taking into account the specific characteristics of each one and, whenever possible, their adoption by a new family. Even when fully grown and victim of a negative experience, each animal has the right to be adopted and the ability to make his new human companion happy without compromising the balance of his new family, so long as the decision is a mindful and responsible one!