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Personal data protection regulation.

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Data controller

We inform you that the personal data controller is the LAV LEGA ANTI VIVISEZIONE (ANTI-VIVISECTION ASSOCIATION - LAV), Viale Regina Margherita 177, 00198 Rome (hereinafter also "association").

Purpose of processing

The data controller processes the data directly and manages it according to the type of associative relationship the interested party requests. However, the processing aims to pursue the LAV’s institutional purposes such as:

Legal Basis for Processing and Nature of Provision

Data provision is optional, but in its absence, the controller will not be able to manage the interested party’s request to establish an associative relationship (e.g. donation, membership request, etc.). If you are no longer interested in receiving our information material, you can exercise your right of revocation (pursuant to Article 7 of the GDPR), through our opt-out mechanism.

The legal basis can also be identified:

Processing Methods

The processing operations indicated above are always subject to appropriate security procedures. The association exercises them exclusively for the purposes for which the data were collected, through internal managers responsible for the diverse services related to the above. The measures LAV adopts to safeguard the integrity, completeness, confidentiality and availability of data and to prevent accidental loss, damage and/or improper use, are in line with the current regulatory provisions on personal data protection and concern organisational, technical and logistical aspects.

All the activities concerning processing are conducted through traditional and electronic communication tools such as: mailing of all paper information material, e-mails, SMS, phone calls, and social networks. In these communication tools, data are processed, manually and electronically, also with statistical analysis methodologies conducted anonymously.

Cookies and how they are used

While browsing our sites, cookies are used both to evaluate site use (profiling) and to facilitate navigation (technical cookies). The following are therefore active on the LAV site (and connected sites): technical cookies: their use does not require the user's consent and guarantees normal website navigation and use; they are necessary to allow safe and efficient site navigation; analytics cookies: used to collect information in aggregate form on the number of users who visit the site; profiling cookies: only with prior consent, these create profiles relating to the user and can be used to send promotional messages based on the browsing preferences for the association’s promotional purposes. The purpose of using all cookies is to improve site use, continuously know the total number of visitors, and monitor how each user uses the information on the site. You can disable (and then also restore) cookies that are already on your computer through your computer's browser options. If the user has disabled one or more cookies, the information collected before disabling may still be used. The information will no longer be collected after the user has disabled it.

Who do we allow to process the data?

The data may be made available to third parties, who conduct processing activities essential for the association's activity. These third parties will act as independent data controllers or duly appointed data processors, solely and exclusively to meet the interested party’s request (e.g. bank/credit card data communicated to credit institutions for payment of donations, personal data communicated to third-party suppliers for the delivery of magazines or other paper material), to those to whom the communication of data is necessary to comply with legislation or regulations (administrative obligations), or to organize and coordinate particular initiatives promoted to publicize the association’s activities. They will neither be communicated for other purposes nor disseminated abroad. LAV constantly monitors the activities commissioned to these third parties, verifying their work and reliability in terms of personal data protection.

With regard to Data provision through its pages on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), LAV adopts all the measures in its possession suitable to guarantee processing; these measures are in any case conditional on the nature of the tool itself, its usability by the user and the actions the owner of the social network has taken directly in terms of personal data protection.

Minors' Data and Disclaimer

LAV will implement all necessary actions to protect processing minors’ data in accordance with the provisions of current legislation.

The association cannot be held responsible for untrue information sent directly by a data subject (e.g. personal data, postal addresses, e-mail addresses), which may involve unsuspecting third parties. Upon the occurrence of such incidents, LAV will promptly intervene to protect the personal data of the data subjects involved, reserving the right to report such fraudulent actions to the competent authorities.

Data retention

The processing duration is functional to the relationship with the association, to administrative, accounting and organisational obligations (e.g. membership, donation, remote adoption, registration on the site for sending newsletters, signing a petition, etc.). The processing duration is in any case valid until the data subject withdraws (withdrawal right can always be exercised unless there are compelling legitimate reasons to proceed with the processing). All data collection activities and subsequent processing are aimed at pursuing the goals of the association for which, we remind you, the relationship with the data subject does not end with the payment of a fee or a donation; it is constantly renewed through the attention and support of each of the numerous awareness-raising campaigns conducted. The data subject’s communication of bank data for periodic/one-time payments provides for information storage limited to the period necessary to ensure verification of the correct transaction. LAV declines any responsibility in the event of disclosure of unsuspecting third parties’ bank data that will result in unauthorized or fraudulent use, and, upon the occurrence of such incidents, will promptly intervene to protect the involved subjects’ data, reserving the right to report such fraudulent actions to the competent authorities. In the case of Data provision for signature of a petition (online format/paper models), its duration is strictly functional to the achievement of the petitions and the association’s purposes, and determined by the response of the institutions to which it will be submitted. Further retention of data may take place to comply with legal obligations as well as for judicial protection purposes.

Rights of users concerned

LAV guarantees to each data subject the exercise of their rights under Chapter III of the General Data Protection Regulation:

The subjects to whom the personal data refer may exercise their rights by contacting the data controller at the aforementioned address or via email by writing to privacy@lav.it or by going to the Lega Anti Vivisezione Offices in Viale Regina Margherita 177, 00198, Rome

LAV is a non-profit organisation and Moral Entity recognised by the Ministries of Health, Environment and Education.