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Our work in Schools

We are committed to influencing the Italian education system and the culture of the younger generations, affirming animal rights as a key theme in education. We do this through in-school training programs, educational materials, and initiatives that raise awareness and involve children and their families.

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What We Do

Children and young people have greater listening skills and sensitivity than that of adults. We firmly believe that in this 'fertile ground' there are all the possibilities to bring about the cultural change that has always guided our Association.

We tell young people how intense and educational a relationship with animals based on responsibility and respect can be.

We propose a worldview of sharing and solidarity with all species.

Since 1999, we have had a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Education for "education in civil coexistence and respect for living beings, beyond the species to which they belong".

Law No. 92 of 20 August 2019, which reintroduced civic education into the school curriculum, states that "all actions are aimed at nurturing and reinforcing respect for people, animals, and nature" (Article 3, paragraph 2).

Piccole Impronte/Small Footprints

We have created and developed a special website collecting all LAV activities dedicated to a very young audience, to their teachers and families.