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We Are Transparent

We are committed to the principles of transparency, accountability, and good governance, which we believe are essential for the effective achievement of our mission to defend the rights of all animals.

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Transparency, accountability, and good governance

Our Statute is inspired by the principle of respect for all living beings.

Our budget is transparent and accountable.

We publish our balance sheets and other financial information on our website so that members, stakeholders, and the public can see how we use their donations.

Our statutory bodies are responsible for the governance of our organization.

These bodies include the Executive Board, the Guarantee Board, and the Congress.

We release our Social Annual Report and Annual Report annually.

Statutory Bodies

Elected by members every two years at the association's Congress, the Executive Board and the Guarantee Board serve as the association's governing bodies, fulfilling specific roles outlined in the Statute and their respective regulations.

The current members of the Executive Board are:

The Guarantee Board comprises:

Established by the National Congress, the Control Body comprises three members, one of whom assumes the role of President. This body, open to non-members, is selected from individuals registered as auditors and possessing the requisite professional qualifications.

Currently serving as the Control Body  are:
Susanna Russo (President) Alessio Rastelli (Auditor) Mauro Vantaggio (Auditor).