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We respond to emergencies

Our Emergency Unit is always ready to act, providing immediate assistance and protecting the lives of animals in any situation, from conflicts to natural disasters.

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Our Emergency Unit

Our dedicated team of activists mobilizes in emergencies to rescue, manage, and assist animals affected by natural disasters.

The team acts in the event of natural disasters involving animals by joining the LAV Emergency Unit.

More specifically:


Flood Emergency in Tuscany


In November, torrential rains in Tuscany caused widespread flooding, extensive damage, and devastation. Animals were among the most vulnerable victims, we stepped in to save as many as possible.

Flood Emergency in Emilia-Romagna


Our Emergency Unit left for Emilia-Romagna and Marche to rescue the animal victims of the serious environmental disaster caused by the flood.

Fire Emergency in Sicily


Our Emergency Unit left for the Palermo areas affected by fires, to rescue as many animals as possible and to support displaced families with animals.

Flood Emergency in Marche


In the wake of severe weather in Marche, our Emergency Unit, with volunteers from LAV Ancona, is on site to help the affected shelters.

War Emergency in Ukraine


In the dramatic conflict in Ukraine, we are acting to identify emergency situations and help animals following the refugees who are arriving in Italy, and those remaining in Ukraine. We are in constant contact with local and international organisations.

Fire Emergency in Tuscany


Our Emergency Unit left for the province of Lucca to bring relief to the animals victims of the serious environmental disaster caused by the fires in Tuscany.

Flood Emergency in Sicily


Amidst the devastation caused by the autumn 2021 floods in Sicily, our Emergency Unit stepped in to deliver a lifeline of aid to animal shelters in the hardest-hit areas.
In partnership with Coop, we mobilized to transport a staggering 9,500 kg of pet food, equivalent to 32,000 meals for dogs and cats. This substantial contribution provided much-needed sustenance to animals affected by the floods and eased the burden on the dedicated individuals who care for them.

Fire emergency in Sardinia


During the fires in Sardinia in the summer of 2021, our activity in the places ravaged by flames was non-stop: in two weeks, we covered about 8000 km with our veterinary ambulance, three vans, and two rented cars, but also on foot, to reach the animals to be rescued, often in inaccessible areas.