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Against animal abuse

Every day, countless animals bear the weight of human cruelty, ignorance, and profit-driven exploitation. For over 45 years, we have been working tirelessly to save lives, rescue them from unimaginable suffering, hold their abusers accountable, and champion stronger animal cruelty laws.

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Counters against animal abuse

We fight against any behaviour harmful to animals’ life and health through complaints and legal battles, including against Zoomafia crimes. We provide education on protection and correct coexistence with animals, aiming to prevent mistreatment.

We endeavour to solve challenging situations by giving animal victims of mistreatment a new life opportunity, finally free from suffering.

Anyone who encounters abuse can report it to us.

LAV Counters Against Animal Abuse are active in the prevention and repression of crimes against animals in the area. They also conduct prevention, information, and education activities for correct coexistence with animals. We want to help suppress and prevent crimes against animals. Each report can save at least one life.

Zoomafia Observatory

We created the term Zoomafia 25 years ago.

It refers to animal exploitation for economic reasons or as a matter of social control and territorial domination, by individuals, associates, or members of mafia gangs or Camorra clans.

The term Zoomafia has now become established in the journalistic and legal lexicon. It also refers to the emergence and development of a new form of crime, parallel with and linked to the mafia, which was created, developed, and grew with the idea of exploiting animals for economic-criminal activities.

In 1998, we established the National Zoomafia Observatory. This body is aimed at criminological analysis of criminal organizations’ exploitation of animals.

The structure falls fully within the informal crime control systems. It was created because of the growing need to examine and study the phenomenon systematically and identify its possible developments.

The Observatory works with the judiciary police, the judiciary, and various observers on crime and the mafias. It publishes the annual Zoomafia Report, a complete and updated study of animal exploitation by organized and non-organized crime.

Crimes include: