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Flooding in Tuscany: our Emergency Unit is at work

The goal is to save as many animals as possible.

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November 05, 2023 Sunday



Many animals are in danger

The LAV Emergency Unit has been working tirelessly to rescue animals affected by the flooding in Tuscany. They have already saved 28 rabbits, parrots, and guinea pigs from a flooded facility, and they have also rescued 3 sheep, 1 pony, and 4 dogs from a field.

In safe places

The rescued animals are now being cared for in safe places. The three pregnant sheep are being kept at the Chico Mendes shelter, and the four dogs are being monitored by a veterinarian.

Stress and fear

Lucky, was bitten by another dog due to the stress of the flooding. LAV was able to ensure that he did not need to be transported to a veterinary clinic.

A rooster among the waters

LAV also rescued a rooster that had been trapped on the roof of a shed for two days. The rooster is now in good health.

The colony of rabbits in distress

LAV is monitoring the situation of a large colony of rabbits that has been affected by the flooding. They have found some dead rabbits, but they have also found many live and healthy rabbits.

A different kind of help

Accompanying a pet on the last journey is an action that requires strength and love. Not being able to do so because of the high water caused deep despair. Our Emergency Unit helped a woman say goodbye to her 18-year-old cat, taking them both to the veterinary clinic.

We want to help as many animals as possible. Our Emergency Unit is closely following the situation and is prepared to respond at a moment's notice.