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A story with a happy ending: the two travelling kittens

Two kittens stuck in a car engine. The 200 kilometers from Piombino to Prato and their salvation thanks to LAV volunteers.

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November 02, 2023 Thursday



The two kittens escaped a terrible fate

The two little felines, about one and a half months old, have experienced an incredible adventure.

They got stuck in the engine of a car, and were there for 200 kilometres, from Piombino to Prato, in Tuscany.
The owner of the car, on his way back from a day at the sea,  only realised their presence once he arrived home.  The
kittens had probably sought refuge from the heat or rain.

Our volunteers intervened promptly and managed to free the two animals. They are two little brothers, a male and a female, who are currently in a temporary stall, having been examined at a vet clinic.
Once they have recovered, they will be ready for adoption.

A story of hope

This story is a story of hope. If they had not been freed from the trap they had got themselves into and now have the chance to find a new home and a new family. It is an opportunity to reflect on the suffering of abandoned animals. 

If you want to help the two kittens, you can contact :

LAV Prato at 0574/1747113 or the Prato Feline Oasis at