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Wildlife under siege: we call on President Mattarella to intervene

We need everyone's support to stop the biggest attack on wildlife.

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November 09, 2023 Thursday



We can no longer tolerate the daily violence against animals

In January, a law was passed that allowed hunters to enter cities and parks, marking the beginning of the largest attack on wild animals in Italy.

Since then, more laws have been passed that weaken wildlife protection and make it easier for hunters to kill wild animals. This is a betrayal of the Constitution, which protects biodiversity and animals.

In response to this attack, LAV is launching a petition addressed to President Mattarella, calling for the full implementation of Article 9 of the Constitution, which protects wild animals and the environment.

Artist Harry Greb's recent mural in Rome, depicting President Mattarella as a new Saint Francis surrounded by wild animals, is a powerful reminder of this fundamental principle .

Article 9
, which was enshrined in the Constitution less than two years ago, is now being trampled on by politicians who are beholden to the hunting lobby, a small minority of citizens who only care about killing as many animals as possible.

We can no longer accept the daily violence against wild animals, which politicians use to gain political support, even if it means sacrificing the lives of millions of animals and ignoring the national interest in protecting biodiversity.

Our mobilization will be the civilized response of the majority of citizens to the barbarity and suffering imposed by Parliament.

That's why we're taking to the streets in many Italian cities on the weekend of November 25-26.

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