LAV international project in Kosovo for stray dogs control and rescue

For more than 40 years, LAV has been standing for animals in Italy. But animal rights must have no border: this is why LAV – in cooperation with ATB, the Kosovan Animal Rights Foundation and local authorities - has recently launched an international project for stray dogs in Kosovo, including animal rescue activities and policies for stray dogs control.

Today - after Darko’s arrival in Italy, in March - a group of other 5 dogs rescued by LAV in Kosovo - Ugo, Lindt, Jerry, Amelia and Norman - arrived at the port of Bari.

We were there to welcome them and take them to the animal shelter where the dogs will undergo medical exams in order to be then adopted by caring families, that will give them all the love and respect they lacked for all their lives.

“LAV’s commitment to stray dogs in a foreign Country is a very important step for the recognition of animal rights on a global scale – Ilaria Innocenti, Responsible for Companion Animals at LAV, says – especially in a Country like Kosovo, where lack of information and a social context severely affected by years of war, represent a critical match for the respect of animal rights, which should not know any boundaries in their application”.

This international project relies on a multi-sided collaboration between Italy and Kosovo: direct help provided to stray dogs, training courses on the importance of sterilization and our qualified veterinarians going to Kosovo to train local collegues and volunteers and to start a two-week sterilization campaign. Vaccination and microchipping campaigns are on the schedule, aimed to save many dogs from suffering and death.

Darko, Ugo, Lindt, Jerry, Amelia and Norman deserve a better life

 You can be part of the change, donate to support LAV and save these dogs, or ask for information to adopt them by visiting the website or sending an e-mail to