Kangaroos: Italy is complicit in the most extensive and gory massacre of wild animals

They call it “harvest” and “ sustainable”, but in truth it is a authentic massacre involving more than 44 million kangaroos killed between 2000 and 2018 ( with a yearly average of 2.324.711 animals).

The most brutal slaughter of wild animals in the world where Italy sadly has the role of leading importer of kangaroo hides in Europe. The killing is slow and painful with an astonishing number of “collateral” victims, the young (joeys) dependent on their mothers, at-foot or still in pouch, wounded animals or fleeing in panic - all condemmed to a slow agonizing death.

The denunciation of this horrific truth is made by LAV while attending the Fair Corporate Social Responsibility and Innovation organized by the Bocconi University of Milan- with a presentation on the topic of ethical fashion and animal-free, the panel on “Sustainable revolution in fashion starts with the material”.

During his presentation, Simone Pavesi - head of LAV Moda Animal Free- anounced the new initiative to shed light on the unknown kangaroo massacre hitting Australia. Simone stressed the Italian imports which are used mainly by high level fashion, sportswear, football and motorcycle sectors.

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