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3 macaques released from the labs of Verona University, now taken care by LAV!

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venerdì 4 giugno 2021 00:00


Another University, after those of Modena and Padua, has decided to abandon tests on monkeys forever!

A result made possible thanks to institutions and the academic world, and specifically thanks to the agreement between the Municipality and the University of Verona, signed last February, which provided for the release of the entire colony of macaques held in the laboratories.

Today, thanks to an agreement between the parties, who choose LAV as the most qualified association capable to take care of the animals for their entire lives, the doors of the cages of the laboratory have finally opened for the three macaques, who have been taken to the Rescue Center of Semproniano (Grosseto), where they will undergo a rehabilitation project, with veterinarians and staff specialized in primates. This project already involves almost 50 macaques from the Universities of Modena and Padua, as well as 9 primates from the Italian National Health Institute

This is an extraordinary result, which LAV welcomes with great satisfaction, thanking all the the parties involved, and in particular the Rector of the University Pier Francesco Nocini, the Mayor of Verona, Federico Sboarina, and the municipal councilor Laura Bocchi.

Now the 3 macaques will stay at the Semproniano Center, in the news areas which LAV has made available to them, with huge shelters where to be free to live and play, taken care by primatologists who will guide them in a rehabilitation journey whose importance, and the scientific results obtained, were recently recognized with the publication on the international journal "Primates" of the article "Evaluation of an enrichment program for a colony of long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) in a rescue center", in collaboration with the veterinary department of the University of Bologna.