#salvavisoni operation: call by LAV and Essere Animali to the Parliament

Parliament should speak out on the #SALVAVISONI operation: each day of delay means the death of 550 minks (almost 200.000 a year).


This is the call by LAV and Essere Animali to the Senators of the Health Commission and the Honorable MPs of the Agricultural Commission. In fact, this is the last period for the MPs to align with 90% of Italians who have, more than once, expressed themselves in favour of a national ban on fur farming.


Each year, mink farming starts between late April and early May with the female minks giving birth to the kits, and ends between December and January with the killing of the minks in gas chambers: an unethical and cruel practice that the Italian Parliament must put an end to, by commencing the legislative process of the #SALVAVISONI operation.

In this period, as the new mink kits are born, Italy also begins a new fur farming cycle.

Thus, with the #SALVAVISONI (#SAVETHEMINKS) hashtag, a new national mobilization of the LAV and Essere Animali animal rights associations, united in a common front to ask Parliament to approve the #SALVAVISONI operation, i.e. the draft law (there are three Draft Laws on this issue, between the lower-house and the Senate, that have been standing for years) that, if approved will lead to the closure of the last 20 mink farms still in operation in Italy.

Along with the new video-complaint by Essere Animali that  documents the appalling conditions in which these animals live (wild, semi-aquatic animals, predators, that for these reasons cannot live in a cage), today LAV publishes a new dossier supported by in-depth scientific research that demolishes all arguments put forward by the fur industry (including the WelFur project) used to support a form of breeding that has no reason to exist.