The Italian State Council has decided: tests on macaque monkeys can be resumed

The Italian Council of State* has decided: experiments on the brain of macaques kept in the laboratory of the University of Parma for the Light-Up Study can be resumed, after a few months. For them, any hope is over.

For over two years we have been fighting a battle against big powers who are in favor of animal testing. During this struggle we revealed what was happening in those laboratories for the Light-Up study, run by the University of Turin, and financed with European funds.

Today LAV is not the only loser: with us there are more than 440,000 citizens who have signed our petition to free the macacques. Moreover, the Italian Research has been defeated with us: misleading, expensive experiments that are anchored in the past will continue, in spite of the Law, the life of animals and innovative research methods.

We will not stop our struggle; we have contributed to turn the spotlight on what happens behind the closed doors of the laboratories, and we will keep on doing it.



* The Council of State is the highest administrative Court - and therefore the last administrative degree of judgment - in Italy