Animal free

Millions of living beings are the victims of the clothing industry, despite the countless alternatives available which – if carefully produced – can provide better comfort as well as be less impacting for the environment.

Every day LAV engages in the fight against the exploitation of animals in the clothing industry, putting forward new arguments alongside the ethical ones (which are always at the basis of our values), such as scientific studies and surveys documenting the need to shift to non-animal solutions as well as specific legislative proposals.

As part of our numerous initiatives, we have:

  • Presented our draft law to ban the rearing of animals for the production of fur, envisaging: prohibition to open new facilities, shutdown of existing facilities, “liberating” the animals to reintegrate them in their natural habit within the framework of rehabilitation projects, imprisonment and fines for those who export or economically exploit the skin or fur of animals reared, captured and killed in Italy for such purpose.
  • Carried out investigations to report any toxic substances present in furs used as decorations for children's jackets. The ecotoxicological tests we commissioned have shown the presence, on the finished product placed on the market, of toxic and cancerogenic residues of chemicals typically used in leather tanning and fur finishing. Pursuant to the first Toxic Fur investigation, the Ministry for Healthcare  has ordered the withdrawal from the market of all the products reported by LAV of the brands Il Gufo, Miss Blumarine and Brums, as well as the issue of an information notice to consumers concerning products of the Gucci brand.
  • Proved that “Genuine Feathers” is not a synonym of enhanced comfort in a product. Our tests have shown that, in terms of “Thermal resistance” (how much warmth the product delivers) and "Evaporative Resistance" (breathability), products made with synthetic materials (polyester) are more breathable than those made with Genuine Feathers, while ensuring the same degree of "warmth".
  • Created Animal Free Fashion, the first ethical rating to give value to fashion businesses based on the number of animal materials they have renounced using. The first international initiative in favour of ethical fashion for the protection of all the animals exploited by the clothing industry: “fur animals”, as well as animals used as a source of “feathers”, “leather”, “silk” and “wool”.  At least 12% of European consumers is already oriented towards Animal Free shopping (as shown by the survey commissioned by LAV to ISPO Ricerche, involving 3600 interviewees in 6 EU countries), indicating that ethical fashion is appreciated and accounts for a considerable share of the market. Adhesion to the project and use of the ANIMAL FREE label are free of charge.